Test Standards Board

The mission of the Test Standards Board (TSB) is to serve as the primary quality oversight entity for Test and Evaluation (T&E) products and services. In fulfillment of this mission, the TSB has the following objectives.

  1. Provide independent quality T&E oversight, assessment, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) guidance with a focus on:
    1. Consistent quality T&E products
    2. Sound technical T&E strategies and methods
    3. Defined and documented risks relating to the quality of test services and the program
  2. Develop, document, and institutionalize best practice T&E operations
  3. Support the assurance of the technical integrity of test programs and test process conformance
  4. Continuously improve T&E processes
  5. Plan for the T&E of future National Airspace System (NAS) systems, services, and capabilities, including those that comprise the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), emerging technologies, and other evolving Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs

TSB Charter and Policy

In accordance with the TSB Charter and the current version of the T&E Policy Order NG 1810.8B, the TSB reviews and provides recommendations on test strategies, plans, conduct, and reporting. The charted responsibilities of the TSB are as follows:

  1. Assess test program technical approaches and conformance to standards
  2. Monitor major T&E events [e.g., Test Readiness Reviews (TRRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), Operational Test (OT) Caucuses] for each test program as required
  3. Standardize quality test processes across William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) ANG T&E services
  4. Provide T&E process guidance and technical recommendations to Development Test (DT) and OT Test Directors and their T&E First-Line Supervisors
  5. Maintain ANG T&E processes and implement test process improvement initiatives
  6. Endorse the following for senior management approval: Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs), OT Test Plans, and OT Final Reports



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