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The Airport Design Challenge (ADC) is an interactive learning and collaboration opportunity for students in grades K-12. The FAA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Aviation and Space Education (STEM AVSED) Program organizes and sponsors this exciting challenge.


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Join the Federal Aviation Administration for the next Airport Design Challenge! Students in K-12 can now enroll for the chance to learn from aviation specialists how to design a virtual airport using the video game Minecraft. Register at #AirportDesignChallenge

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Hey Gamers! Registration is open for the Federal Aviation Administration’s #AirportDesignChallenge! Join this once-in-a-lifetime experience to work with aviation experts to design a virtual airport in the video game Minecraft. We want to see your ideas!

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Reminder! Registration is open for the Federal Aviation Administration’s #AirportDesignChallenge! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about aviation and aerospace from real experts, while playing Minecraft! Register at, and happy building! 

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Subject Line: Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Design Challenge Registration OPEN NOW
Students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade are invited to replicate an actual airport in the video game Minecraft with the help of experts from the Federal Aviation Administration!

In order to educate and inspire students (K-12) to better understand airports and their leading role in American communities, the FAA is seeking students for the acclaimed Airport Design Challenge competition, which utilizes Minecraft to help develop a model airport with all of the required airside elements. Individually or in small teams, participants will receive instruction from FAA experts who specialize in specific areas of the airport. With that information, students will research a local airport of their choosing and then recreate that airport in the virtual world of Minecraft!

What you can expect…

  • Small teams of students work together to learn about their local airport and to complete development tasks in Minecraft
  • Organized lesson plans covering topics from airport layout, pavement, lighting, structures, and innovative growth
  • Knowledge check assignments, which will be turned in accompanied by screen shots of student progress
  • Collaborative work between students, parents, and teachers performed in a virtual environment
  • STEM based applied knowledge in math, engineering, and career development

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Last updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2023