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Community Engagement — Kansas City

The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing to add and amend Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures (STARs) and Standard Instrument Approach Procedures at Kansas City International Airport (MCI). These new and amended procedures allow pilots and controllers to use more direct routes, which can help the environment by reducing fuel burn, and create safer and more predictable paths that reduce workload for flight crews and air traffic controllers. More direct routes also reduce delays.

Satellite-based procedures have been implemented in airports across the nation, including Kansas City. The retirement of five ground-based navigational aids means that Kansas City will be amending existing arrival and approach procedures and adding new arrivals, starting in mid-2022.

Two virtual meetings will be held via Zoom. You may register at the links listed below. The purpose of these meetings is to inform the public on the proposal's effects.
DATES: Wednesday, January 19th at 12 pm CT and Thursday, January 20th at 6 pm CT.

PLACE: Via Zoom


Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Proposal Background

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) requires the FAA to identify and disclose any potential environmental impacts of the proposed procedures. We will conduct an environmental review in compliance with NEPA and other environmental laws, regulations, and orders applicable to FAA actions.

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