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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Report a GPS Anomaly

* indicates a required field.

"N/A" if not applicable

e.g. "B738", "E175", or "A319"

The Anomaly

While the date picker is open, the following keyboard commands are available:

  • Page Up: Move to the previous month.
  • Page Down: Move to the next month.
  • Ctrl + Page Up: Move to the previous year.
  • Ctrl + Page Down: Move to the next year.
  • Ctrl + Home: Open the datepicker if closed.
  • Ctrl/Command + Home: Move to the current month.
  • Ctrl/Command + Left: Move to the previous day.
  • Ctrl/Command + Right: Move to the next day.
  • Ctrl/Command + Up: Move to the previous week.
  • Ctrl/Command + Down: Move to the next week.
  • Enter: Select the focused date.
  • Ctrl/Command + End: Close the datepicker and erase the date.
  • Escape: Close the datepicker without selection.

e.g. "PHX"; "N/A" if not applicable

e.g. "22L"; "N/A" if not applicable

Latitude/longitude or bearing/distance from a reference point or distance from runway/airport; e.g. "6 nm final on ILS 22L"

Additional descriptive information such as location of the aircraft at the time the anomaly started and ended, duration of the event, bank angle, pitch angle, last ATC facility contacted if any, etc.

Equipment affected, actions taken to mitigate the disruption, remedies provided by ATC, and any required post flight pilot and maintenance actions.

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