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Appendix 2 of AC 21-2

"Special Requirements of Importing Countries"

This appendix contains special requirements stipulated by a number of governments as applicable to aeronautical products imported into their countries or jurisdictions from the United States. The format of these documents is occasionally universal rather than U.S. specific. In some cases these documents are in universal formats which make them applicable beyond the United States. When subject matter described within these documents may not completely apply, the documents typically contains a statement addressing which corresponding agreement(s) prevails.

Revisions to Appendix 2 of AC 21-2 are posted after they are received, coordinated within the FAA, and finalized with the submitting government. This is reflected by a revision date located under the document's title.

Where the FAA added information for clarification, the information is enclosed in double brackets. Users should verify whether the country or jurisdiction has concluded a Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement or a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement related to airworthiness with the United States and check for applicable requirements there as well. If information contained in these documents conflicts with an existing bilateral agreement or associated implementation procedures, the language within the bilateral agreement shall prevail, followed by the language in the implementation procedure, and then the Appendix 2 Special Requirements of Importing Countries document.

Any questions a designee may have concerning the information in these documents should be directed to the designee's Advisor or supervising FAA district office.

Any discrepancies concerning the information in these documents by the designee's Advisor or supervising FAA district office should be directed to the International Division, AIR-400.

AC 21-2, Appendix 2. Special Requirements of Importing Countries

The following governments have filed their requirements with the FAA:

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