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Non-Federal Program for NavAids, AWOS & Other Systems


COVID-19 Update:

October 14, 2021FAA has updated its guidance for the inspection & oversight of non-federal systems in the National Airspace System (NAS) during COVID-19.

Inspection windows have returned to normal: +/- 30 days for semi-annual inspections, and +/- 60 days for annual inspections. Inspections should be conducted in accordance with prevailing safety measures regarding social distancing and use of personal protective equipment. Convenience delays could result in NOTAMs.

Examples of non-federal systems. From left to right: aircraft flying over an approach lighting system, Automated Weather Observing System, V H F Omni-Directional Ranges, air traffic control tower, insturment landing system

What is the FAA's Non-Federal Program?

The FAA's Non-Federal Program regulates most non-federally owned Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS), aerial navigation aids (NavAids), and certain other systems. The Non-Federal Program oversees their technical specifications, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. The program also oversees the non-federally employed technicians who maintain those systems.

"Non-Federal" refers to entities other than the Federal Government. Examples include U.S territories, states, local governments, companies, and individuals.

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

The non-federal process can be complicated, as can the associated rules and policies.

Avoid wasting time and money: always consult your Non-Federal Program liaison (PDF) before:

  • Purchasing or installing a new non-federal system.
  • Seeking qualifications to maintain a non-federal system.
  • Marketing a system as "non-federal."

For additional tips, read our guide on how to Avoid Costly Mistakes: What You Should Know Before Buying a NavAid, AWOS or Other System (PDF)

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