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Non-Federal Program for NavAids and AWOS


Examples of non-federal systems. From left to right: aircraft flying over an approach lighting system, Automated Weather Observing System, V H F Omni-Directional Ranges, air traffic control tower, insturment landing system

What is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Non-Federal Program?

The FAA's Non-Federal Program regulates most non-Federally owned Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) and aerial navigation aids (NavAids). Specifically, the FAA Non-Federal Program oversees these systems' technical specifications, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. The program also oversees the non-Federally employed technicians who maintain those systems.

"Non-Federal" refers to entities other than the Federal government. Examples include U.S territories, states, local governments, companies, and individuals.

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

The non-Federal process can be complicated, as can the associated rules and policies.

Avoid wasting time and money: always consult your Non-Federal Program liaison (PDF) before:

  • Purchasing or installing a new non-Federal system.
  • Seeking qualifications to maintain a non-Federal system.
  • Marketing a system as "non-Federal."

For additional tips, read our guide on how to Avoid Costly Mistakes: What You Should Know Before Buying a NavAid, AWOS or Other System (PDF)

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