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Series 150 Advisory Circulars (ACs) for Airport Projects

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New & Revised ACs
Number Title Publication Date
150/5345-43J Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment (posted 3/13/2019) 3/11/2019
150/5345-53D Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (posted 2/20/2019)

New/Revised Comments: Letter Clarifying the Use of Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Components in Certified Airport Lighting Equipment (2/20/2019)

January 2019 Addendum to AC 150/5345-53D (updated 2/2019)

Draft ACs
Number Title Deadline for Comments
150/5200-33C Draft AC 150/5200-33C, Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports (2019) (posted 01/18/2019) 2/28/2019
150/5345-28H Draft 150/5345-28H, Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Systems (posted 01/15/2019) 2/15/2019
150/5210-23 Draft Addendum to AC 150/5210-23, ARFF Vehicle and High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) Operation, Training and Qualifications (posted 01/10/2019) 2/11/2019

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