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The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides grants to public agencies – and, in some cases, to private owners and entities — for the planning and development of public-use airports that are included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). See the AIP Glossary for a description of AIP-related terms.

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AIP and BIL Entitlement Funding

Under the AIP, primary airports receive passenger entitlement funds and may receive cargo funds. Funds are available for three fiscal years (FY), beginning in the FY the funds were appropriated. Non-primary airports receive non-primary entitlement funds. Funds are available for four fiscal years beginning in the FY the funds were appropriated. (NOTE: State Block Grant Program non-primary entitlements that remain unobligated by July 1 of the FY in which they expire may be converted to State Apportionment funds in that same FY upon request.) States receive a state apportionment entitlement. State apportionment funding is available for three fiscal years beginning in the FY the funds were appropriated and can only be directed to non-primary airports. Under BIL, all airports receive Airport Infrastructure Grant (AIG) entitlement funds for five years (FY 2022 through FY 2026). Funds are available for four years beginning in the FY the funds are allocated.

AIP Discretionary Funding

Under the AIP, the FAA awards approximately $1.5 billion in fiscal year discretionary grants. Through the FAA's long-standing iterative, competitive grant process, the FAA identifies eligible applicants in the NPIAS and compiles potentially eligible projects through the 3-year Airports Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). Both of these processes are described in FAA Order 5090.5, Formulation of NPIAS and ACIP. All discretionary grant funding is subject to appropriations, statutory requirements, and related program funding availability.

BIL Airport Terminal Program (ATP) Funding

$5 billion has been appropriated to provide competitive grants for airport terminal development projects that address the aging infrastructure of the nation's airports. These grants will fund safe, sustainable and accessible airport terminals, on-airport rail access projects and airport-owned airport traffic control towers. Projects may also include multimodal development. The FAA will publish an annual notice of funding opportunity to apply for approximately $1 billion (annually for five fiscal years) in discretionary funds for the newly established Airport Terminal Program (ATP).


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    Southwest Region Optional Forms & Tools

    • CIP - Primary Airport (Coming Soon)
    • CIP - Nonprimary (Coming Soon)
    • ODO Data Sheet (Coming Soon)
      • ODO Data Sheet - Instructions & Example (Coming Soon)
    • Dist of Grant Costs, Invoice Summary (includes SF 271 & SF 425 forms) (Coming Soon)
    • Invoice Summary (includes SF 271 & SF 425 forms) (Coming Soon)

    National Forms

    • Airport Improvement Program
      • SF 424: Application for Federal Assistance
      • Form 5100-100: Continuation of SF 424 for land, development, and equipment projects
      • Form 5100-101: Continuation of SF 424 for planning projects only
      • SF 425: Federal Financial Report and Attachment
      • AIP Sponsor Certification forms (Forms 5100-128 through 5100-135)
      • Buy American Worksheets (Forms 5100-136, 5100-137, and 5100-143)
    • Payments
      • Payment Forms (SF 270 and SF 271)

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