Air Traffic Management Modernization

The FAA manages the safest, busiest and most complex airspace system in the world. Our air traffic professionals manage this airspace 24/7 through the existing Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) to maintain the efficiency and safety for all users.

The agency will replace TFMS with a more efficient and modern system – Flow Management Data and Services (FMDS).

Just as TFMS does today, FMDS will provide air traffic professionals with modernized tools (hardware, software, and applications) to manage the overall flow of traffic in the national airspace system (NAS) including all strategic operational planning for future air traffic initiatives.

By replacing the existing infrastructure, FMDS will drive the efficiency of air traffic management. It will also interlink multiple air traffic aeronautical, weather and flight data information services to improve the reliability, resiliency, and usability of current traffic flow applications.

This will result in more accurate forecasting of and implementation of air traffic initiatives. Importantly, it will provide ATO with a platform to build additional functionality in the future as we accommodate more aircraft and technologies into the NAS.

FMDS released a Market Survey, date June 29, 2022, and received responses from industry on August 31, 2022.  The responding vendors provided input on what technology infrastructure, acquisition, and implementation options could best serve the future FMDS system. 

The results of the Market Survey will inform the FMDS draft Screening Information Request (SIR), which will be released in the summer of 2023.  Please continue to visit our website for further information as it is available.

    Last updated: Tuesday, October 25, 2022