Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports

2015 - Office of Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports, DOT/FAA/AM-
Number Report Title
15/1 Index to FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine Reports: 1961-2014
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 992 KB)
15/2 Operator's Manual for Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 711 KB)
15/3 Predicting Accident Rates From General Aviation Pilot Total Flight Hours, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1 MB)
15/4 The Aviation Medical Examiner Feedback Survey: 2014 Results
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1 MB)
15/5 Risk Assessment in the U.S. Pilot Population From 1983-2005: Diabetes Prevalence and Flight Safety
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 918 KB)
15/6 Comparison of Species-Specific ß-Glucuronidase Hydrolysis of Cannabinoids in Human Urine, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 686 KB)
15/7 Air Traffic Scenarios Test: Will Modifying the Instructions Change Performance?, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 807 KB)
15/8 Human Responses to a Simulated 35,000-Foot Instantaneous Decompression and the Subsequent Descent Profile Required by Federal Aviation Administration Policy
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1.1 MB)
15/9 Pilots' Risk Perception and Risk Tolerance Using Graphical Risk-Proxy Gradients, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 3.2 MB)
15/10 Aviation Relevance of Genetic Risk Scores for Cardiovascular Disease, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 421 KB)
15/11 Distribution of Paroxetine in Postmortem Fluids and Tissues
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 385 KB)
15/12 Evaluation of Glare as a Hazard for General Aviation Pilots on Final Approach, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 4.2 MB)
15/13 Prevalence of Ethanol and Drugs in Civil Aviation Accident Pilot Fatalities, 2009-2013, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 942 KB)
15/14 Wayfinding Technology and Its Application to Transport Category Passenger Airplanes, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1.8 MB)
15/15 A Study of Protection Provided by General Aviation Oxygen Masks With Open Ambient Ports in Toxic Environments
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 3.1 MB)
15/16 The Influence of Looping Next-Generation Radar on General Aviation Pilots' Flight Into Adverse Weather, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 7.8 MB)
15/17 Effect of Passenger Position on Crash Injury Risk in Transport-Category Aircraft, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 3.8 MB)
15/18 Open-Source Products for a Lighting Experiment Device
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 2.9 MB)
15/19 Fatal Aviation Accidents: Fiscal Years 2009-2013
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1.2 MB)
15/20 Aircraft Cabin Bleed Air Contaminants: A Review
Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 357 KB)
15/21 Assessing the Effectiveness of the Conditions AMEs Can Issue Program: 2013-2014, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 581 KB)
15/22 2014 Aerospace Medical Certification Statistical Handbook, Abstract, Full Text (PDF, 1.7 MB)
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