Airmen Certification

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  • Airmen Certification Branch is not the authoritative source for medical data.
  • The expiration date provided in the downloadable file is for informational purposes only.
  • Any questions regarding medical information should be directed to Aerospace Medical Certification Division.

We update these files monthly. The records in each database file are stored in either fixed length ASCII text format (TXT) or comma-delimited text format (CSV) which is already separated into airmen basic records and certificate records. Both formats can be manipulated by common database applications such as MS Access.

This information does not include airmen certificate number data, nor does it include the records of those airmen who do not want their addresses released. You can also elect to Change the Releasability Status of your Address if you do not want it listed in the database.

Airman Downloadable Database Dates

Upload Date
June 1, 2023
Next Upload Date
July 3, 2023
File Creation Dates
June 1, 2023



    Last updated: Thursday, June 1, 2023