Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Modernization Meeting for Aviation Stakeholders and Airport Managers

October 7, 2021 11:00 AM ET - 4:00 PM ET

Safety is a priority for the FAA and all users of the airspace. Since the first NOTAM Summit in 2019, we have made exciting changes to the system based on input from our traditional and non-traditional aviation stakeholders, as well as airport managers.
A key focus of this year’s meeting was to engage in dynamic conversation with aviation stakeholders and airport managers to discuss how the FAA’s NOTAM modernization efforts make the system safer, more agile and user friendly.  

All times are Eastern Standard Time. 

11:00            Summit Welcome            

11:15            Session 1: Connecting to NOTAM Data
Learn about the Federal NOTAM System (FNS) enhancements that make it easier to connect to and filter NOTAMs. We’ve also got exciting news about how to integrate NOTAMs into other aeronautical information. 

Session 1 Presentation

13:30            Session 2: Implementation of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards
Discuss how implementation of ICAO standards benefits the aviation community, implications for stakeholders, and policy and technology issues.

Session 2 Presentation

14:45            Session 3: Airport-Related NOTAM Improvements
We invite airport managers to discuss planned policy changes that will affect the way airport NOTAMs are issued and managed, as well as changes to FNS that will improve the process to issue an airport NOTAM.  

Session 3 Presentation

15:45            Closing 

Summit Format


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