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Candidate NOTAM Contingency System

The FAA is developing a contingency system for use in the event of a major outage to the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system. This system, called the Candidate NOTAM Contingency System, allows FAA and its stakeholders to maintain an accurate picture of the NAS while the primary NOTAM system is returned to service by allowing authorized FAA and Flight Service personnel to issue "candidate" NOTAMs - i.e., NOTAMs not yet entered into the official NOTAM system and thus missing NOTAM numbers - and distribute them to the public using a standalone website.

Should the Candidate NOTAM Contingency System be activated in the event of a NOTAM system outage, candidate NOTAMs will be distributed via the publicly available Candidate NOTAM Distribution website. While this contingency system is active, any NOTAMs issued prior to an outage must be retrieved using official NOTAM source data or on the NOTAM Search Website.

Below is a list of links and resources for more information regarding the Candidate NOTAM Contingency System:

If you have any questions on the Candidate NOTAM Contingency System, please submit them via the Aeronautical Inquiries Portal, selecting the "Other" category.

About the U.S. NOTAMs Office (USNOF)

The United States NOTAMs Office (USNOF) is located in Warrenton, Virginia at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center. The USNOF operates 24/7 and is charged with quality control and dissemination of NOTAMs within the National Airspace System (NAS). NOTAMs reviewed and processed by the USNOF are entered by various entities within the NAS such as Tech Ops, airports, Flight Service, the System Operations Support Center (SOSC), and ARTCCs to name a few. While the USNOF does not initiate issuance of any NOTAMs, the office plays an integral role in ensuring NOTAMs are issued in accordance with NOTAM Policy outlined in FAAO 7930.2 as well as processing time-critical and sensitive aeronautical information on a regular basis.

About the U.S. NOTAM Governance Team

The US NOTAM Governance Team is the FAA's authoritative source for US NOTAM Policy, responsible for the maintenance, update, and publication of FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Air Services, which establishes national policy for the National Airspace System (NAS) NOTAM operations. Additionally, the team is comprised of NOTAM Subject Matter Experts for domestic and international NOTAMs. This ensures global harmonization with ICAO, Annex 15, Aeronautical Information Services, Standards and Recommended Practices, and other ICAO documents. The team also provides policy guidance, oversight, and interpretations for consistent application of US NOTAM standards.

If you have NOTAM Policy questions, please send them to the US NOTAM Governance Team via the Aeronautical Inquiries Portal.

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