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FAA Approved Print Providers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Aeronautical Information Services (AJV-A), has transitioned to an Available on Demand (AOD) model for the printing and distribution of all aeronautical charts, books and related products. These products are now available through FAA Approved Print Providers. Please contact them directly for any products you need. Their contact information and product suite is found below. Please note these Providers use FAA electronic files.

The Chart Agent Network is no longer available through the FAA.

Any party interested in the opportunity to become an Approved Print Provider should contact the Contracting Officer Kathleen Islas at (405) 954-8534.

Current Print Providers

  • Williams & Heintz Map Corporation
    Provider of Visual, Enroute and Planning Charts
    8119 Central Avenue
    Capitol Heights, MD 20743
    Point of Contact:
    Phone: 800-338-6228
  • Paradise Cay Publications, Inc.
    Provider of Visual, Enroute and Planning Charts
    120 Monda Way, Unit A
    Blue Lake, CA 95525
    Point of Contact:
    Phone: 707-822-9063
  • LSC Communications
    Provider of U.S., Pacific and Alaska Chart Supplements And U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications (TPPs)
    1005 Commercial Drive
    Owensville, MO 65066
    Point of Contact:
    Phone: 866-593-7136
  • Lewis Color, Inc.
    Provider of U.S.. Pacific and Alaska Chart Supplements
    30 Joe Kennedy Blvd
    Statesboro, GA 30458
    Point of Contact:
    Phone: 800-346-0371 Ext 102

How can I become an Approved FAA Print Provider?

Review the AOD Print Provider Agreement and other documents at:, Announcement #20862.

For information contact the Contracting Officer, or 405-954-8534.

Submit initial product qualification sample(s) for each suite of charts you intend to print to the Director of Aeronautical Information Services at:

Aeronautical Information Services
1305 East West Highway, #4531
Silver Spring, MD 20910

You can download the digital files for printing at: Print Qualification Samples.

Once your product qualification samples receive a "Pass" rating from FAA, you will then need to submit a signed AOD Print Provider Agreement, located at:, Announcement #20862 to Contracting Officer, Upon receipt, Ms. Islas will sign the AOD Print Provider Agreement and return to you. At this point, you will then become an Approved FAA Print Provider.

Where can I find information concerning AOD?

If you have any additional questions, please email: Availability on Demand

Information for potential Print Providers can be found at htp:// #20862, or you can contact Contracting Officer, or call 405-954-8534.

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