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Aeronautical Charting Meeting

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is a public forum held two times every year and is the primary method of adding and modifying charting specifications. The Open and Close tabs provide information of Recommendation Documents (RDs) in work or completed from the charting group.

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is divided into two sections — the Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) and the Charting Group (CG).

The Instrument Procedures Group portion of the ACM includes briefings and discussions on recommendations regarding pilot procedures for instrument flight, as well as criteria, design, and developmental policy for instrument approach and departure procedures. Please visit the ACM Instrument Procedures Group Web Site for information regarding Instrument Procedure issues.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held from April 14-16, 2020 at NOAA Science Center / Auditorium, 1301 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD, 20910.

Security Requirements at NOAA / FAA - Silver Spring

Security Requirements

  • U.S. citizens: A federal or state issued picture I.D. is required.
    • Personnel with a U.S. Government badge (FAA, DOT, etc.) will be issued a "Non-Escort" badge
    • All other personnel will be issued an "Escort Required" badge

  • Non-U.S. citizens: A passport is required.

New Recommendation Documents for Upcoming ACM (CG)

  • New RDs to be published when available.
  • New submission deadline: Close of business March 27, 2020

Future Dates and Locations

  • Meeting 20-01 - April 14-16, 2020, location tentative - NOAA Science Center / Auditorium, Silver Spring, MD.
  • Meeting 20-02 - October 27-29, 2020, location tentative - NOAA Science Center / Auditorium, Silver Spring, MD.
Issue Number Subject
13-01-270 (PDF) Step Down Fix Chart Notes
15-02-298 (PDF) Charting GLS DMax (Service Volume)
16-02-310 (PDF) Inclusion of MSA Information for ODPs, SIDs and STARs
17-02-311 (PDF) TFR Charting: Recommendations of the RTCA Tactical Operations Committee
17-02-312 (PDF) Standardized Communications on DPs and STARs
17-02-314 (PDF) Charting of ILS Classification System for Category I ILS Approaches
17-02-316 (PDF) Improving OROCA to Meet FAR 91.177 Requirement
17-02-318 (PDF) Charting of Helicopter Routes per RNP NAVSPEC 0.3
18-01-322 (PDF) Reorganize Specific PERM NOTAMs as Authoritative Source
18-01-323 (PDF) Standardizing Labeling of Parking Areas on Airport Diagrams
18-02-327 (PDF) IAP Chart Modernization
19-01-331 (PDF) Hotspot Information on Departure/Arrival Charts
19-01-332 (PDF) Charting Waypoints with Both Fly-Over and Fly-By Functions
19-01-333 (PDF) LED Lighting at Airfields
19-01-335 (PDF) Charting of Unusable Airway Segments
19-02-336 (PDF) Addition of PDC Note in Chart Supplement
19-02-338 (PDF) Publish DP (SID/ODP) and STAR Chart Notes in Machine Readable Form
19-02-339 (PDF) LAHSO Rejected Landing Procedures
19-02-341 (PDF) Review of Mountain Passes on VFR Charts
19-02-342 (PDF) Depiction of Profile Procedure Track for NPA Procedures
Issue Number Subject
00-01-119 (PDF) Adding PCNs (Ground/Airports)
00-02-120 (PDF) Airport Identifiers in the Terminal Procedures Publication
00-02-121 (PDF) Amendment Numbers in the Terminal Procedures Publication
00-02-122 (PDF) Note for Offset Localizer
00-02-123 (PDF) Charting of ILS Glideslope Icon in Approach Plate Profile
00-02-124 (PDF) Non-radar Terminal Areas
00-02-125 (PDF) Airport RNAV Departure Procedure Graphic for Multiple Runways
00-02-126 (PDF) Circling Restriction Symbology
00-02-127 (PDF) Precision FAF (PFAF) Location for RNAV Procedures at ILS Runways
00-02-128 (PDF) Temporary Flight Restriction/Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
00-02-129 (PDF) Adding Airport Diagrams to the Airport/Facility Directory
00-02-130 (PDF) Confusing Graphical or Textual Feeder Routes
00-02-131 (PDF) Charting VFR Waypoints
00-02-132 (PDF) Airport Diagram Magnetic Variation Values
00-02-133 (PDF) Airport Hot Spots
00-02-134 (PDF) Charting Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS)
00-02-135 (PDF) DME Fix Authorization on Converging Initials or Feeders
01-01-136 (PDF) Charting Waypoints With Both Fly-over and Fly-by Functions
01-01-137 (PDF) Standardization of Equipment and ATC Procedural Notes
01-01-138 (PDF) Charting of Climb-in-Hold Speeds
01-01-139 (PDF) NOTAMs
01-01-140 (PDF) Tabular Information for Descent (Non-Precision Approaches)
01-01-141 (PDF) Terrain and Obstacles on Instrument Approach Procedure Profile View
01-02-142 (PDF) The Use of ABxxx fixes
02-01-143 Military Landing Rights
02-01-144 Eliminate Void Times from FAR 7110.1
02-01-145 (PDF) LPV Minima Charting
02-01-146 (PDF) Codes for Non-ICAO Airfields
02-02-147 (PDF) FAA Electronic Regulations/Documents
02-02-148 (PDF) Obstacles not in Public Data
02-02-149 (PDF) Obstacles on Departure Procedures
03-01-150 (PDF) Airway Intersections on VFR Chart Products
03-01-151 (PDF) Charting of IFR Transition Routes
03-01-152 (PDF) Marine Navigation Lights on VFR Products
03-01-153 (PDF) Depicting LAHSO Hold Short Lights and Hold Short Points
03-01-154 (PDF) Charting of RNAV legs adjacent to Fly-Over and Fly-By Waypoints
03-01-155 (PDF) Broadcast Stations on Sectional Charts
03-01-156 (PDF) Inclusion of Parachute Jump Areas in GPS/FMS Databases
03-01-157 (PDF) Inclusion of Parachute Jump Areas on Approach Plates, and Arrival/Departure procedures
04-01-158 (PDF) Depiction of takeoff minimum on Standard Instrument Departures and those associated with Obstacle Departure Procedures
04-01-159 (PDF) RNAV Idents
04-01-160 (PDF) Charting Low Altitude Q Routes
04-01-161 (PDF) Depicting Intermediate Fixes (IF) As Initial Approach Fix (IAF)/IF on RNAV T Approaches
04-01-162 (PDF) Use of Lead-In Light Systems (LDIN)
04-01-163 (PDF) Depicting Required DME Facilities on Q Route Segments
04-01-164 (PDF) Chart Note for Instrument Approach Procedures Terminating in Uncontrolled Airspace (Class G)
04-01-165 (PDF) Enroute Chart Depiction of Controlled Airspace for Instrument Approach Procedures
04-01-166 (PDF) Charting of RNAV SIDs, STARs and Q Routes
04-01-167 (PDF) Charting of Altitude Constraints on SIDs and STARs
04-01-168 (PDF) Identifiers for Heliports and Helipads
04-02-169 (PDF) Location of PRM monitor frequency on NACO charts for ILS PRM and LDA PRM approaches
04-02-170 (PDF) Parachute Jump Areas in Aircraft Electronic Display and Navigation Systems
04-02-171 (PDF) Class D Airspace Without an Associated Control Tower
04-02-172 (PDF) Non-directional Beacon Magnetic Variation Maintenance
05-01-173 (PDF) ASR Symbol on Visual Charts
05-01-174 (PDF) Top Altitude Note on Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
05-01-175 (PDF) Adding VFR Flyway Planning Charts to SRAC
05-01-176 (PDF) Charting of Radius to Fix (RF) Leg/Path Terminators
05-02-177 (PDF) Identifiers for Copter Point-in-Space Procedures
05-02-178 (PDF) Listing of Glider Field Frequency on Sectional Charts
05-02-179 (PDF) Attention All-users Page for Simultaneous Parallel RNAV Departures and PRM Approaches
06-01-180 (PDF) Voluntary Designation of Collection Facilities for Contaminated Fuel, Used Oil, Universal Wastes, and Hazardous Materials on Airport Diagrams
06-01-181 (PDF) Declared Distance Information on Airport Charts
06-01-182 (PDF) Alternate Missed Approach Holding Pattern
06-01-183 (PDF) ICAO Location Indicators on Visual, Enroute, and IAP Charts
06-01-184 (PDF) Missed Approach Leg Length and Direction
06-01-185 (PDF) RNAV-1 and RNAV-2 Descriptors for DPs, STARs and Routes
06-01-186 (PDF) STAR Procedures and their Terminations
06-02-187 (PDF) Obstructions on World Aeronautical Charts
06-02-188 (PDF) Non-Standard Traffic Patterns on TPP Airport Sketch
06-02-189 (PDF) Charting of Intermediate Fixes on RNAV IAPs
06-02-190 (PDF) Use of the Word Transition in SID Procedure Text
07-01-191 (PDF) Excess Notes on Airport Diagrams
07-01-192 (PDF) Usable Runway Lengths for Takeoff and Landing
07-01-193 (PDF) Charting Helicopter RNAV Routes
07-01-194 (PDF) Charting Tango Routes in Congested Terminal Areas
07-01-195 (PDF) Depiction of Class E Surface Areas
07-01-196 (PDF) Q-Route DME/DME/IRU MEA
07-01-197 (PDF) Graphic Airport NOTAMS
07-02-198 (PDF) Use of Charts to Validate NAV Database Information
07-02-199 (PDF) Glider Caution Note on TPP and IFR Charts
07-02-200 (PDF) Charting of Alert Areas
07-02-201 (PDF) Flight Training Areas USAF Academy
07-02-202 (PDF) Inconsistent and Incomplete Charting of STAR Holding Patterns
07-02-203 (PDF) At and At or Below Altitudes
07-02-204 (PDF) Indef Closed Airport
08-01-205 (PDF) Detailed Change Data Published on LA TAC
08-01-206 (PDF) Rwy Status Lights
08-01-207 (PDF) Crossing Altitudes on Graphic Departure Procedures
08-01-208 (PDF) TPP Climb Rate Table Improvements
08-01-209 (PDF) Missed Approach Icon Altitudes
08-02-210 (PDF) Charting Medical Facility Heliports for EMS
09-01-211 (PDF) Chart Notes on IAPs for Navigational Facility Restrictions
09-01-212 (PDF) Depict UAS Activity on VFR Sect
09-01-213 (PDF) TERPS Change 21 Circling Appr
09-01-214 (PDF) Low Visability Operations/SMGCS (LVO/SMGCS) Taxi Charts (Previously listed as SMGCS Taxi Charts)
09-01-215 (PDF) Reporting and Depiction of Stopways
09-01-216 (PDF) Charting of Significant Parts Not Part of Procedure
09-01-217 (PDF) CAT II Minima Depiction
09-02-218 (PDF) Incompatibility Issues Between the Enhanced Flight Vision System and Light Emitting Diodes
09-02-219 (PDF) VFR Chart Enhancements
09-02-220 (PDF) Multiple Intermediate Segments in Recent RNP AR (SAAAR) IAPs1
09-02-221 (PDF) Navigation of Class B Airspace
09-02-222 (PDF) Charting VGSI Angles
09-02-223 (PDF) Publishing RVR for Cat III ILS Approaches
09-02-224 (PDF) Charting G-MEA on Low Altitude Charts
09-02-225 (PDF) Charting Special Authorizations CatI CatII IAPs
09-02-226 (PDF) Mandatory Altitude Note
09-02-227 (PDF) Class-E Airspace Depiction
10-01-228 (PDF) UDDF and AOC Data
10-01-229 (PDF) Charting CDFA
10-02-230 (PDF) RNAV Q Route Legend Note Change
10-02-231 (PDF) Deletion of 10NM Reference Circle From IAP Planview
10-02-232 (PDF) Depiction of SUA Temp Airspace
10-02-233 (PDF) Removal of ATC Crossing Restrictions (ATC) from STARs
11-01-234 (PDF) VOR Test Frequencies (VOT)
11-01-235 (PDF) Removal of RP Asterisk from VFR Charts
11-01-236 (PDF) Depiction of Wind Turbines on VFR Charts
11-01-237 (PDF) MA Procedures for RADAR Surveillance Approach
11-01-238 (PDF) Aerobatic Area Symbols on VFR Sectional Chart
11-01-239 (PDF) Radius-to-fix (RF) Turns in Planview and Profile
11-01-240 (PDF) SFRA Charting
11-01-241 (PDF) Discontinuation of VOR Service and Associated Airways
11-01-242 (PDF) Lead Bearing/Lead DME
11-01-243 (PDF) Charting Standards for RNP 1 STARs and DPs
11-02-244 (PDF) Depicting Terrain on DPs
11-02-245 (PDF) Automated UNICOM on IAPs and Sectionals
11-02-246 (PDF) Publication of Special Notices in the A/FD
11-02-247 (PDF) Approach Control Phone Numbers
12-01-248 (PDF) NextGen Procedure for the Naming of Aeronautical Navigation Aids
12-01-249 (PDF) Consolidated ILS CAT II and CAT III Depictions
12-01-250 (PDF) ICAO IFPP PBN Charting
12-01-251 (PDF) Alaska Low IFR Enroute Charts - T Route Note
12-01-252 (PDF) Warning Note on Vertical Descent Angle (VDA) Procedures
12-01-253 (PDF) ILS Category III a/b/c Minima
12-02-254 (PDF) Class D Airspace Depiction on VFR Charts
12-02-255 (PDF) Discontinuation of Loose-Leaf Terminal Procedures Publication
12-02-256 (PDF) Removal of Front Legend Matter from Hardcopy TPPs
12-02-257 (PDF) Simplification and Standardization of the Airport Sketch Final Approach Course on TPPs
12-02-258 (PDF) Localizer Feather Depiction on Parallel Runways
13-01-259 (PDF) Airspace Changes Effective Prior to Chart Revision
13-01-260 (PDF) Inclusion of Meeting Frequency 133.57 to MSP Airport Diagram
13-01-261 (PDF) Alaska Ground Based Transceivers (GBT) Locations
13-01-262 (PDF) Airport Facility Directory (AFD) Depiction of Traffic Pattern Altitudes
13-01-263 (PDF) Airport Facility Directory (AFD) Airport Manager Contact Information
13-01-264 (PDF) Flight Path Angle (FPA) on STAR Charts with Published Vertical Profiles
13-01-265 (PDF) Incompatibility Issues Between the Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) and Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
13-01-266 (PDF) Standard Depiction of Altitude Restrictions on Bottom, Top and Maintain Altitudes on Standard Arrival (STAR) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
13-01-267 (PDF) Addition of ATC Radar Telephone Numbers in FAA AFD
13-01-268 (PDF) Making Alternate Missed Approach Text Accessible to ATC
13-01-269 (PDF) Conversion from Local Time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on FAA VFR Charting Products
13-01-271 (PDF) Removal of VFR Waypoints
13-02-272 (PDF) Critical DME Note (SIDS and STARS)
13-02-273 (PDF) Publication of Diverse Vector Areas (DVAs)
14-01-274 (PDF) Solar Power Plant Ocular Hazard Symbol on Aeronautical Charts
14-01-275 (PDF) Charting Speed Limited Areas on Instrument Approach Plates
14-01-276 (PDF) Removal of Non-Alaska Facility Information from Alaska Supplement
14-01-277 (PDF) Discontinuation of World Aeronautical Chart (WAC)
14-01-278 (PDF) Alaska Designated Common Traffic Advisory Frequency Area Chart Depictions
14-01-279 (PDF) Naming of FAA Certified, National Disseminated AWOS-3 Systems on Private Use Airports
14-02-280 (PDF) MEA Usage on SIDs
14-02-281 (PDF) Publish Electronic Form of MVA Charts
14-02-282 (PDF) VASI PAPI Differences
14-02-283 (PDF) Charting of Transmission Lines on VFR Charts
14-02-284 (PDF) DME Facilities - Charting and MAGVAR Issues
14-02-285 (PDF) Charting of Arctic UAS Permanent Areas
14-02-286 (PDF) Airport Diagram Symbol for Non-Standard Runway Holding Position Marking in Conjunction with a Hot Spot
14-02-287 (PDF) Update Terminal Enroute Control (TEC) Route Descriptions to use Waypoints
14-02-288 (PDF) Airport Reference Codes in the AFD
15-01-289 (PDF) Adding 'CPDLC' Information to Airport Diagram and Terminal Procedures and Updating the AFD
15-01-290 (PDF) VFR Charting of Airport Symbol - Services Availability
15-01-291 (PDF) Charting and Evaluation of Climb Gradients
15-01-292 (PDF) Removal of Grid Variation from U.S. IAP Charts
15-01-293 (PDF) STAR Terminous Point Standardization
15-01-294 (PDF) Charting Maximum Assessed Holding Altitude and Associated Speeds
15-01-295 (PDF) Charting of VORs for the Minimum Operating Network (VOR MON)
15-02-296 (PDF) Charting of Unmanned Free Balloon Activities and Amateur Rocket Activity Areas
15-02-297 (PDF) Charting of HILPT Maximum Holding Altitude
15-02-299 (PDF) Add INOP Components Minimums Adjustment to IAPs
15-02-300 (PDF) Standardize Depiction of Communications of DPs and STARs
16-01-301 (PDF) RVR Locations in FAA Documentation
16-01-302 (PDF) Cold Temperature Restricted Airport SIAP Segment Depiction
16-01-303 (PDF) Terminal Area Charts (TAC) and Charting IFR Arrival/Departure Routes
16-01-304 (PDF) Depicting Non-Standard Maximum Holding Speeds
16-01-305 (PDF) Cold Weather Temperature Compensation at Military Authority Locations
16-01-306 (PDF) Availability of Airport Ground Parking/Ramp Diagrams
16-02-307 (PDF) Light Gun Chart on Sectional and Terminal Area VFR Charts
16-02-308 (PDF) 23,000 feet vs. 18,000 feet IFR Chart Change Recommendation
16-02-309 (PDF) Publishing of CLNC DEL Phone Numbers in Chart Supplement
17-02-313 (PDF) Publish Standard Proposed Flight Plan Deletion Times in the Chart Supplement
17-02-315 (PDF) Updating Terminal Procedure Publication (TPP) Comparable Values of RVR and Visibility Table
17-02-317 (PDF) Nome Selection Panel Extension
17-02-319 (PDF) Addition of VFR and Visual Flight Segments on Copter Approach & Departure Procedures
18-01-320 (PDF) Publish Center Surface Boundaries in NASR
18-01-321 (PDF) Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart Update
18-01-324 (PDF) Magnetic Variation Not Shown on IAPs
18-02-325 (PDF) Computer Navigation Fix
18-02-326 (PDF) Change to Hot Spot Publishing Requirements
18-02-328 (PDF) Standardizing RP* Notation to Prevent Pilot's from Interpreting it as "Right Pattern, All Runways"
19-01-329 (PDF) Class B Airspace on IAPs
19-01-330 (PDF) Updating Terminal Procedure Publication (TPP) Inop Components or Visual Aids Table
19-01-334 (PDF) Deletion of VFR Waypoint Tabulations from VFR Products
19-02-337 (PDF) Chart Supplement: Make Special Notices Text Searchable
19-02-340 (PDF) Publication of Height Group Category of VGSI
19-02-343 (PDF) Enable Easy Access to CNOTAMS
19-02-344 (PDF) Add RLLS Lighting Systems Diagram to Approach Plate

Minutes From Past CG Meetings

Aeronautical Information Services chairs the Charting Group portion of the ACF and provides meeting minutes.

The following files have been prepared and are available for download:

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