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Interagency Air Committee (IAC) Specifications

These specifications have been developed by the Interagency Air Committee (IAC), composed of representatives of the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration, for use in the preparation of the United States Government Charts. These specifications shall be complied with, without deviation, until such time as they are amended by formal IAC action.

Interagency Air Committee Specifications
Number Name Edition
IAC 1 Enroute Low Altitude Charts, US and Alaska (PDF) 28 November 2023
IAC 2 Sectional Aeronautical and Terminal Area Charts (PDF) 1 August 2023
IAC 2A Flyway Planning Chart (PDF) 3 October 2023
IAC 4 Instrument Approach Procedures and Airport Diagrams (PDF) 13 November 2023
IAC 5 Enroute High Altitude Charts and Alaska (PDF) 28 November 2023
IAC 7 Graphic Instrument Departure Procedure Charts (PDF) 13 February 2024
IAC 8 Chart Supplement (PDF) 13 February 2024
IAC 14 Standard Terminal Arrival Charts (PDF) 3 October 2023
IAC 15 Helicopter Route Charts (PDF) 3 October 2023
IAC 17 Terminal Procedures Publication (PDF) 6 October 2023

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