Surface Safety Industry Day

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Please join the Federal Aviation Administration for an industry event focusing on how the agency can enhance situational awareness for Air Traffic Controllers on the airport surface. Please note that registration is required.

A safe and efficient National Airspace System (NAS) begins and ends on the airport surface. To ensure runway safety, air traffic controllers rely on situational awareness to help them understand aircraft positions in order to make decisions and predict future states so as to detect and avoid possible conflicts. Existing technology at some airports provides situational awareness by enabling controllers to see the position, movement, and relative location of aircraft and ground vehicles on the airport surface movement area and approach and departure routes, including aural and visual safety alerts of potential runway collision situations. Situational awareness is crucial during periods of low visibility when factors like weather may pose challenges.  

To further improve safety on the airport surface environment, the FAA is hosting an event to gain a better understanding of commercially available and production-ready industry solutions and capabilities that could enhance situational awareness for controllers. The FAA is specifically interested in learning more about cost-effective technological solutions that may be viable for deployment at airports without existing surface surveillance capabilities.

The FAA embraces innovation to deliver vital air traffic services for safe and efficient use in the NAS. Come help the FAA develop new solutions for increasing safety on our airport runways.    

Event Details

Event Location

    Mitre, Building-4
    Robb Auditorium
    7596 Colshire Dr., McLean, VA

Event Agenda

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 from 8am – 12pm (EDT)
Registration in the Mitre, Building-4 lobby from 8am-9am 

  • Keynote Address from Katrina Hall, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for NAS Programs and Support
  • Runway Safety Risk in the NAS
  • Situational Awareness for Air Traffic Control
  • Surface Situational Awareness Technology Today
  • Improving Situational Awareness: Opportunities for Industry to Help
  • Question and answer session for participants

Following this industry event, a Request for Information (RFI) is planned to be released by end of July 2023. 

Registration Instructions

  • All event participants must register to attend. 
  • Please complete the Eventbrite Registration Form
  • Please note that recording of this event by industry attendees is prohibited.
  • Due to venue capacity, please limit attendees to three (3) per company in person.  Additional attendees will be able to join virtually via Zoom webinar. 


The Surface Safety Industry Day is part of the FAA's safety call to action. 

As a result of recent incidents, the agency is taking a critical look at the U.S. aerospace system’s structure, culture, processes, systems, and integration of safety efforts; with the goal of ensuring that our structure is fit for purpose for the U.S. aerospace system both today and the future.  

Last updated: Wednesday, May 24, 2023