Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD)

The Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD) Program implements the requirements set forth in 2018 HR 254 FAA Reauthorization Bill: Section 566, Right to Privacy When Using Air Traffic Control System.

The Administrator shall, upon request of a private aircraft owner or operator, block the registration number of the aircraft from any public dissemination or display, except in data made available to a Government agency, for the noncommercial flights of the owner or operator.

In order to satisfy Section 566, the Administrator implemented the Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD) program.

The LADD program provides aircraft owners the ability to have their flight data filtered from distribution via the FAA System Wide Information Management (SWIM) data feed or filtered from public display by web sites that participate in the program. Vendors who subscribe to FAA SWIM Data feeds are bound by a Data Access User Agreement to filter any LADD participant from public display of aircraft flight data.

Aircraft owners or designated representatives may request Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD). Limiting aircraft data from the FAA data systems will limit flight tracking information transmitted over the internet by participating internet flight tracking vendors. "Unblocking" will ensure aircraft flight data will be included in the FAA data feed utilized by participating internet flight tracking vendors.

LADD flight filtering data options

  1. FAA Source: Aircraft data is limited to FAA use only. No FAA flight data will be available to external vendors. If you are considering limiting data at FAA Source, FAA flight data on your aircraft will not be available to internet web sites.
  2. Subscriber Level: Aircraft data is made available from the FAA data feeds to vendors (i.e. internet flight tracking vendors). This option allows aircraft owners or operators to selectively track or monitor aircraft through an internet vendor. To track an aircraft, the aircraft owner or operator must contact a vendor and request flight tracking information be selectively available. Selective flight tracking services may involve payment of fees to the vendor.
  3. Unblocking: Remove any data limits that have been previously requested. This request will remove aircraft from the LADD filter file. Your flight tracking data will resume being transmitted to vendors who receive FAA SWIM data feeds and vendors will publicly display flight data.


If your request is for United States government, military, or law enforcement, your request must be submitted to FAA System Operations Security. Please submit an e-mail to:

FAA Monthly Implementation

The FAA implements limiting aircraft data displayed on the first Thursday of each month. As a result, requests that FAA receives on or before the 15th of the preceding month are likely to be processed in time to take effect in the month after FAA receives them. However, it is possible that the volume of requests in a given month, a requestor's timeliness, or issues with the completeness and accuracy of the information that FAA receives could preclude FAA from processing some requests in time for them to take effect in the month following their submission. In that event, FAA will process all requests in the order in which FAA receives them, to the extent that it is possible.

How to Submit Your Limiting Data Request

There are three ways to submit your request: using the easy-to-use online form, via email, or via postal mail.

Use the Online Form (Preferred Method)

Submit your request using our online form.


Submit your request via email to

Postal Mail

Mail your LADD request to:

FAA Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed
ATO System Operation Security, AJR-2
Orville Wright Building, Room 300W
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, D.C. 20597

The following information must be included in your email or postal mail request:

  • Aircraft registered owner(s)
  • Aircraft registration number or call sign of the aircraft data to be limited or unblocked
  • E-mail address to which FAA can direct questions about the request
  • ICAO Address (Mode S Code)
  • Telephone number to which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can direct questions about the request
  • Aircraft Make and Model
  • Desired level of limiting data (FAA Source, Subscriber, or Unblocking)
  • Certification that the requestor is the owner or operator of the specified aircraft, or is a legally authorized representative of the aircraft owner or operator.


For all questions related to LADD, please email us at

Last updated: Thursday, January 26, 2023