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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

File a Request

Aircraft Tail Number Blocking/Unblocking

* indicates a required field.

* Signature

By signing, I hereby certify that I am the owner and/or legal operator of the aircraft to be specified and I am legally authorized as the representative in relation to the blocking or unblocking of the flight tracking data of the aircraft to be specified.

* Request type

You are requesting a block for the first time.

You already have requested a block.

* Desired level of blocking

The aircraft's flight tracking data will not be broadcast from FAA to any vendor. You will not be able to track your own flights via an vendor once FAA Source Blocking is in place.

Vendors will still receive the aircraft's flight tracking data from FAA. However, the vendor will not be authorized to publicly display the flight information. With subscriber level blocking, you can subscribe to a vendor to track your own aircraft.

The aircraft's flight tracking data will be broadcast from FAA to all vendors and the vendors may publicly display the information.


Values must match.

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