Requesting PRIA Records

The procedures and instructions below explain the process for requesting pilot records under PRIA. These procedures are optional and are for use at the discretion of each air carrier.

The information provided here is being revised with the implementation of the Pilot Records Database (PRD). PRIA remains in effect until September 2024 and much of the information provided here is still useful until then. NOTE: Any references to use of FAA Form 8060-10 to request FAA-records are superseded by AC 120-68J and CFR Part 111. FAA-records requested under PRIA or CFR Part 111 must be obtained via the Pilot Records Database (PRD). FAA Form 8060-10 is no longer accepted as of December 7, 2021. Email with questions.

  • PRIA instructions for the Designated Agent (DA). All air carriers have the option of designating an agent to complete their PRIA records request process on their behalf. This document was prepared for those DAs who would prefer an overview with instructions specifically tailored to their needs, and who do not need a lengthy written procedure.
  • PRIA Air Carrier Procedures and the Compliance Checklist. These documents are for larger operators who would benefit from having a written procedure in place.
  • To download and modify the files above:
    • Place your cursor over the file name above, then right click
    • Select "Save Target As..." and choose your file destination
    • Open the file and replace the generic air carrier name with the name of your own company on the title page and throughout the document. You will then have a competent written procedure that will assist with your PRIA request and FAA inspection processes.
  • In order to maintain statutory compliance, this industry checklist may be used to help determine if a PRIA request meets all requirements or, if not, whether the request should be returned to the originator for correction.
  • PRIA Records after Cessation of Business, Liquidation, or Bankruptcy (MS Word)
Last updated: Friday, August 5, 2022