Marketing LOSA

Each organization needs to be sold on Line Operations Safety Assessments (LOSA) through a multi-level and multi-strategy marketing plan. The following marketing strategy and methods are recommended for the various audiences:

Marketing strategy and methods for various audiences
Audience Strategy and Methods
Middle management Face-to-face meeting, brochure, project website
Labor union and employee group Face-to-face meeting, project website
Frontline employees Standardized posters, project website, letter/reminder from the implementation team
Business partners Face-to-face meeting, project website

Multi-level and Multi-strategy Marketing Effort for LOSA Programs

First, a good marketing plan should clearly define safety value and benefits of a LOSA program. Examples of beneficial outcomes from other MX and Ramp LOSA programs are powerful in delivering this message. For upper management, using examples to quantitatively illustrate how the LOSA program can be a revenue stream or a cost reduction method.

Second, the marketing plan should clarify how the LOSA program will complement existing safety programs. Frontline employees need to understand how they will fit in the overall picture. LOSA is not "just another" audit process, which many organizations have already been doing. It is important for the LOSA implementation team (especially external members) to understand current in-house safety programs, including all voluntary non-punitive reporting programs. Then the implementation team will know how to distinguish and contrast LOSA from other existing safety programs when promote LOSA. Frontline employees and management will be concerned whether LOSA and existing safety programs overlap in function, methods, and outcomes. Marketing plan should explain how duplication will be avoided and the value and impact that the LOSA program will bring the frontline workforce. Leadership of labor unions and/or employee groups can play an important role in communicating information to the frontline employees and promote buy-in.

Third, the marketing plan should clarify how the LOSA program will fit in the SMS grand scheme. For instance, how data feed into the overall safety system, how data are going to be integrated, how results will be fed back to employees. Conversation regarding this should be customized for the different audiences.

It is important to invite and involve business partners in the LOSA initiative from the very beginning. For example, from a carrier's standpoint, there are benefits in conducting LOSA observations on contractors.

Download a PDF bundle of LOSA posters to assist you in marketing your LOSA initiative.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 13, 2023