FAA Maintenance Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement Toolkit (M-SCAIT) Downloads

The toolkit was designed with the end-user in mind. It includes everything needed to empower independent assessment: 

  1. User Handbook
    This handbook provides a step-by-step approach to safety culture assessment based on current best practices. It is for the end-user(s) who will be implementing each step.  
  2. Survey Instrument
    The survey is specifically designed to assess aviation maintenance safety culture. It is customizable to operational needs.
  3. Data Analysis Tools
    The tools help the end-user make sense of the survey results by automatically generating charts.
  4. Roadmap for safety culture assessment and improvement
  5. Example survey report
    Illustrates how the survey results can be communicated.
  6. Supporting Materials
    See the scientific reports below.
    • Scientific Report - Validation of the FAA Maintenance Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement Tool (FAA M-SCAIT). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has funded a research requirement to support its efforts in aviation maintenance with growing a positive safety culture through the development and validation of a new safety culture toolkit, titled FAA Maintenance Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement Toolkit (FAA M-SCAIT). The toolkit consists of a customizable survey, scoring guidance, and a roadmap for safety culture improvement. This validation report enhances the understanding of safety culture in aviation contexts, which in turn supports development and refinement of safety culture assessments for use across the aviation industry.
    • Scientific Report - Safety Culture Assessment and Continuous Improvement in Aviation: A Literature Review In support of FAA efforts to promote a positive safety culture, this report provides a review of the literature on safety culture assessment and promotion. 


Last updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2023