FAA Maintenance Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement Toolkit (M-SCAIT)

Researchers developed an electronic tool to assess safety culture called the FAA Maintenance Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement Toolkit (M-SCAIT). 

The M-SCAIT is a stand-alone package for organizations to have 100% control/ownership of their cultural assessment and associated proprietary data. You own it.

The outcome of this product is for internal operator use.  It is not intended to be shared with the FAA.

Benefits of Safety Culture Assessment

Safety culture is malleable – you can improve it.

Key benefits of conducting periodic safety culture assessments include: 

  1. Sets a baseline for the organization's safety culture
  2. Informs safety promotion efforts
  3. Empowers proactive management of safety culture evolution across time


The M-SCAIT has strong research backing. It has successfully undergone initial tests with a range of maintenance-performing organizations totaling over 900 respondents, and is ready for large-scale application (Key et al., 2023). 

Unlike other assessments that provide only high-level aggregated feedback, M-SCAIT has the added benefit of supporting comparisons to be made across demographic variables of interest, detect culture silos and work group norms, and identify targeted areas of opportunity for improvement. This level of feedback ensures M-SCAIT results are actionable and can be used to affect meaningful change.

Last updated: Monday, October 16, 2023