Office of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights is proactive in the prevention of discrimination by making training opportunities available to FAA employees through the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Training Institute. The Airport Civil Rights Programs provide external customers training opportunities through annual airports conferences and training programs.

Airport Civil Rights Training

EEO Training Institute

The Office of Civil Rights (ACR) leads the way to equal employment opportunity (EEO) in the FAA workforce. EEO training, resolution of EEO complaints, and outreach impact the FAA's changing demographics. The ACR strives to make a tangible difference and add value to the agency's mission

Discrimination can be prevented when employees know their legal rights and their responsibilities. EEO Training is a manager's prevention tool in the workplace. Civil Rights trainers across the country deliver training in a variety of training modes including in-service training, webinars, videoconferencing, and the Aviation Training Network system. Civil Rights trainers and staff are also available to provide customized high-quality EEO training based on your organization's needs.

Last updated: Tuesday, September 29, 2020