Office of Civil Rights Key Officials

John P. Benisonjohn p. benison headshot

Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights, ACR-1



Anthony W. Cummingsanthony w. cummings headshot

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights, ACR-2



Harnetta R. Williams, Chief of Staff
Kasandra R. Styles
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) (A)
Yvette J. Aine
Director (A), National EEO Policy, Compliance & Outreach, ACR-3
Gene E. Roth
Director, National External Operations, Policy & Compliance Programs, ACR-4
Jonathan R. Klein
Deputy Director, National External Operations, Policy & Compliance Programs, ACR-4
Cheryl L. Wilkes
DirectorEEO National Complaint Services, ADR Policy, Compliance & WJH Technical Center, ACT-9
Kelly A. Boodell
Director, Western & Central Service Areas (WCSA), ANM-9
Millie E. Strickland
Director, Eastern Service Area, Washington HQ, and Center of Excellence for EEO Learning (CEEL), ASO-9

Last updated: Monday, March 11, 2024