External Discrimination Complaints

If you believe you have been discriminated against by an Airport or Airport Tenant, you may file a complaint with the FAA Office of Civil Rights.

FAA processes complaints under the following programs:

  • Airport Disability Compliance Program (ADCP)
  • Airport Nondiscrimination Compliance Program (Title VI)

Who May File a Complaint:

If you believe an airport or airport tenant has failed to comply with any of the above requirements, you may file a complaint with the FAA Office of Civil Rights. Complaints should be filed within 180 days of the alleged violation.

How to File:

To file an External Discrimination Complaint online, click here

Complaints may be addressed to:

Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Civil Rights, ACR-1
800 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20591
Fax: 202-267-8341

When Filing a Complaint, Please Provide the Following Information:

  • A written statement and any supporting documentation. 
  • Your contact information: Phone (type: cell/home/business), Email Address (if applicable), and Mailing Address.
  • Sufficient details for an investigator to understand why you believe an Airport or Airport Tenant has violated your rights, with specifics such as dates and times of incidents.
  • Your statement must include the specific allegations of dicrimination or allegations of violation(s).
  • Your complaint must allege discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, creed and/or gender, or noncompliance with DBE/ACDBE, ADA, or Title VI Regulations.
  • Any related correspondence from the Airport or Airport Tenant.
  • The complaint must be signed and dated.

What to Expect from FAA’s Complaint Process:

FAA strives to process complaints promptly. At the conclusion of our investigation, you will receive a letter outlining our findings. FAA's Office of Civil Rights role is to ensure FAA funding recipients are in compliance with Title VI, DBE and ADA requirements. In the FAA complaint investigation process, we analyze allegations for possible deficiencies by an Airport or Airport Tenant. If deficiencies are identified, we work with the Airport to correct the deficiencies within a predetermined timeframe.

Complaints Against an Airline Should be Addressed to:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division

Last updated: Thursday, February 09, 2023