En Route Integration and Interoperability Facility

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En Route Integration and Interoperability Facility

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The En Route Integration and Interoperability Facility (EIIF) engineering staff finds cost-effective solutions by integrating cutting-edge technology and methodologies. This team's work is critical for promoting safety, increasing capacity, and supporting the FAA's goals for more efficiency across the NAS. Located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center near Atlantic City, New Jersey, the EIIF provides laboratory and engineering services supporting En Route infrastructure modernization and integration of new systems or capabilities into the NAS. These services support activities, such as development of new En Route innovations, proof-of-concept prototypes, early engineering assessments for new systems, operational evaluations, risk reduction demonstrations, training, and operational procedure development for both Air Traffic and Airway Facilities personnel.

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Last updated: Wednesday, March 15, 2023