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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Office of Foundational Business

Executive Leadership:

  • Jill Brown
    Acting Director, Office of Foundational Business
  • Elizabeth Williams
    Acting Deputy Director, Office of Foundational Business
  • Roberto Gonzalez
    Deputy Director, Office of Foundational Business

The Office of Foundational Business provides resource and business management services to the entire Flight Standards Service and manages aircraft and airmen registration services for the public.

The Office of Foundational Business is responsible for the following:

  1. Provides human resource management, administrative, staffing, budget and logistical services to the entire Service.
  2. Manages and directs all matters associated with the planning, programming, and implementation of the Aircraft Registration and Airmen Certification Programs.
  3. Represents the quality control and assurance arm of the Service’s Safety Management System (SMS) responsible for the application of safety management and quality management within the Service, and for identifying risks that transcend individual regulated entities, straddle multiple sectors of the industry, and/or rise to the level at which they require national or governmental attention.
  4. Recruits and hires high-quality individuals for the Service and ensures their development is tailored to the individual and aligned to the needs of the Service.

The Office of Foundational Business is comprised of the following six divisions:

  • Civil Aviation Registry Division
  • Mission Services Division
  • Safety Risk Management Division
  • Strategic Planning and Financial Services Division
  • Workforce Development Division
  • Workforce Services Division

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