Training & Simulation Group

Advisory Circulars


AC Number Subject
AC 00-46 Aviation Safety Reporting (Program) System (ASRP)/ASRS
AC 00-54 Pilot Windshear Guide
AC 00-58 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
AC 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
AC 60-28 English Language Skill Standards Required by 14 CFR Parts 61, 63 and 65
AC 61-67 Stall and Spin Awareness Training
AC 61-89 Pilot Certificates: Aircraft Type Ratings
AC 61-98 Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check
AC 61-107 Aircraft Operations at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet Mean Sea Level or Mach Numbers Greater Than .75
AC 90-23 Aircraft Wake Turbulence
AC 90-101 Approval Guidance for RNP Procedures with Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR)
AC 91-6 Water, Slush, and Snow on the Runway
AC 91-73 Parts 91 and 135 Single Pilot, Flight School Procedures During Taxi Operations
AC 91-74 Pilot Guide: Flight In Icing Conditions
AC 120-28 Criteria for Approval of Category III Weather Minima for Takeoff, Landing, and Rollout
AC 120-29 Criteria for Approval of Category I and Category II Weather Minima for Approach
AC 120-51 Crew Resource Management Training
AC 120-54 Advanced Qualification Program
AC 120-59 Air Carrier Internal Evaluation Programs
AC 120-62 Takeoff Safety Training Aid
AC 120-66 Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
AC 120-71 Standard Operating Procedures for Flight Deck Crewmembers
AC 120-74 Parts 91, 121, 125, and 135 Flightcrew Procedures During Taxi Operations
AC 120-82 Flight Operational Quality Assurance
AC 120-90 Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
AC 120-109 Stall Prevention and Recovery Training
AC 120-111 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
AC 120-114 Pilot Training and Checking (14 CFR Part 121 Subparts N and O, including Appendices E and F)

Last updated: Friday, November 19, 2021