AIR Transportation Division

The division is also responsible for management and oversight of:

  • Air taxi insurance certification
  • FAA's Aviation Safety and Health Program
  • FAA's Whistleblower Protection Program
  • The National Simulator Program

Specific Functions

  • Advises the Director, the Associate Administrator, and other principal officials, and serves as a point of contact for the aviation community on matters in related program areas which are appropriate to the national level
  • Determines the need for and recommends research and development projects
  • Determines the need for, justifies, and formulates new or amended regulations, supplementary regulatory material and grants or denials of exemption petitions; participates in regulatory review programs; and develops operations specifications
  • Develops and recommends national policies, standards, systems, procedures, and program plans
  • Develops coordinates, and issues national directives to provide technical guidance on policies and procedures
  • Develops operating requirements and technical standards
  • Guides and assists the other divisions, the regions, and other elements of the agency in the conduct of the related programs; provides guidance on applying agency policies, standards, and procedures pertaining to current safety issues
  • Initiates, recommends, and coordinates actions to resolve safety problems resulting from accidents and incidents
  • Participates in the analysis and evaluation of the field execution of programs

The Air Transportation Division Also:

  • Assigns projects (other than rulemaking) with recommended priorities and provides technical and policy guidance to ensure the technical adequacy of related program activities performed by the Regulatory Support Division
  • Develops, coordinates, and recommends career development programs to ensure organizational competency for employees in the division
  • Oversees development and maintenance of aircraft simulator and flight training device qualification standards and criteria

Last updated: Wednesday, November 24, 2021