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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Safety Analysis & Promotion Division

Flight Standards Safety Management System (SMS) Program Office

Specific functions and responsibilities of the SMS office include:
  • Focal point for AFS in future SMS-related rulemaking and policy development efforts.
  • Oversight and evaluation of SMS collaborative testing projects.
  • Standardization of concepts, functional requirements, and terminology across AFS managed and sponsored SMS programs, initiatives, and contracted activities.
  • Alignment of internal and external SMS development activities with AVS SMS standards and AVS Management Team and AFS Executive Steering Committee guidance.
  • Planning and coordination of SMS activities in AVS and AFS Business Plans.
  • Representation of AFS in the AVS SMS Working Group.
  • Ensure integration capability of oversight systems, both within AFS and also between AFS and other AVS lines of business.
  • Coordination with the ATOS Continual Improvement Section and headquarters policy divisions on SMS-oversight system relationships.
  • Development and maintenance of SMS policy and guidance documentation.
  • Development of AFS SMS training requirements and mentorship of SMS related FAA Academy training.
  • Development of measures of safety performance and effectiveness for both internal and external SMS.
  • Development and maintenance of SMS data collection and auditing tools.
  • Development and use of standardized outreach, familiarization and orientation materials for SMS.
  • Coordination and management of an AFS SMS Standardization and Assistance Team to assist field organizations and service providers in development and implementation of voluntary and mandatory external SMSs.

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