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Safety Analysis & Promotion Division

Safety Analysis Program Office (SAPO)

The Safety Analysis Program Office (SAPO), is responsible for providing analytic support to Flight Standards Offices of Air Carrier and General Aviation Safety Assurance, Safety Standards, and Foundational Business in support of their Risk-based Decision Making processes and standardizes analysis techniques, processes, training, and interfaces. The office also provides:

  • A myriad of analyses and data science techniques in support of several functions with in FS which includes but is not limited to Safety Assurance, Policy Development, Personnel and Staffing, and other special projects such as Unmanned Ariel Systems, and Performance Based Contingency Fuel operations.
  • Special analyses supporting AVS metrics and the AVS dashboard.
  • Developed and maintains the Short Term Solutions products in support of the Safety Assurance System.
  • This office works in collaboration with the Analysis and Information Program Office and other analytical assets distributed within the Flight Standards Service Office.
  • Developing interfaces with the Safety Assurance System (SAS) and other oversight data sources to identify hazards based on analysis of safety assurance data (design and performance assessments), per AVS safety management policy.


Mark J. Gruber
Manager, Safety Analysis Program Office (SAPO),
Federal Aviation Administration
13873 Park Center Road, Suite 160
Herndon, VA 20171

Phone: (907) 280-6910

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