Alex McDowell

Deputy Executive Director, AOV-2

Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service

"Photo of Alex McDowell"Alex McDowell is the Deputy Executive Director of the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV), responsible for directing the independent, risk-based, data-driven safety oversight of air navigation services. He provides policy-level guidance and leads the more than 125 AOV employees in the operational execution of establishing, approving, and accepting the Air Traffic Organization’s (ATO) safety standards. Mr. McDowell is an agency advisor to the FAA Administrator, Deputy Administrator and Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety for all ATO safety-related issues. He also supports the Executive Director in representing the FAA in dealings with high-level officials inside and outside of the agency, both nationally and internationally, on a wide variety of technical and managerial issues relating to the safety standards for air traffic control and air traffic infrastructure, facilities and systems.

Prior to his promotion to Deputy Executive Director in 2014, Mr. McDowell gained extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of FAA’s regulatory oversight processes, safety management systems and operational safety as he advanced through the ranks in AOV from specialist to branch manager to division manager. In addition to overseeing quality management system and safety management system processes and resources as a Division Director, he pioneered early AOV immersion and familiarization efforts with NextGen and ATO, laying the groundwork for the safe, streamlined processing and approval of changes in the National Airspace System. Prior to joining the FAA in 2008, Mr. McDowell was a Colonel and pilot in the United States Air Force. During his 30-year career, he served in multiple leadership positions from Chief of Wing Safety to flying commands at the squadron, group, and wing level. He is also a private pilot, with commercial and instrument ratings.

Last updated: Monday, August 29, 2022