Kimberly R. Pyle

Kim PyleKimberly Pyle (she/her) serves as the Executive Director for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention, which is the FAA’s principle organization for all aircraft accident investigations and activities related to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention is also responsible for engaging directly with collaborative industry and government initiatives such as the U.S. Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST), Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS), and General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (JSC) to identify leading accident indicators and implement mitigations to prevent future events.

Ms. Pyle previously served in executive roles in the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO), including as the Deputy Vice President for the Safety and Technical Training (AJI) service unit and Director of Policy and Performance within AJI. Ms. Pyle also represented the FAA as the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) Safety Program Manager where she led safety matters related to air traffic management across CANSO and the air transport industry. She previously served in the ATO as the Director for Congressional Communications, Program Manager for Partnership for Safety and Senior Advisor to the Office of Safety Vice President after getting her start in Air Traffic Systems Development and ATO Communications. She began her career as a staffer for members in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.