David Boulter

David Boulter

Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety (Acting)

David H. Boulter is the Acting Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety. In this capacity, he leads the organization responsible for setting, overseeing and enforcing safety standards for all aspects of the aviation industry—airlines, manufacturers, repair stations, pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and any person or product that operates in aviation. These programs have a direct impact on every facet of domestic and international civil aviation safety. The Aviation Safety Organization's (AVS) programs are carried out by nearly 7,400 employees located throughout the world. The organization's annual budget is more than $1.4 billion.

Mr. Boulter’s previous position was Executive Director of the Flight Standards Service, where he coordinated and executed program plans that govern the operations, maintenance, and airworthiness of all U.S. civil aircraft, including those of U.S. flag carriers and foreign carriers when operating in and over the United States, its territories and possessions. His oversight responsibilities also included proficiency and certification of air agencies (flight schools/maintenance bases) and of qualified aviators (other than air traffic control personnel).

Mr. Boulter began his career in Flight Standards in 1997 as an Aviation Safety Inspector with the Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office. Throughout his FAA career, he has held many roles including 14 CFR Part 119 management positions in multiple legacy FAA flight programs, pilot and check airmen, and Senior FAA Representative/Senior Foreign Affairs Specialist in Afghanistan. He also served as the Manager of the National Flight Program Oversight Office, Assistant Manager and Director of Operations for the Flight Standards Flight Program and the Flight Program Manager and Director of Operations for the Washington Flight Program based at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. He rejoined Flight Standards after serving as Vice President of Flight Program Operations for the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization. 

Prior to his career at the FAA, Mr. Boulter held various civilian aviation positions in part 121 and part 135 operations as a pilot, flight instructor, check airman, and Chief Pilot of a commuter airline. Mr. Boulter holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with CL60, BE30, EMB-110, CV24-34-44 type ratings, and he is a Certified Flight Instructor ASEL, AMEL, and Instrument.