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Environmental Analysis Tools and Guidance

The Environmental Policy Teams help develop and ensure that the latest noise and air quality impact evaluation tools are used in assessing environmental impacts of FAA's airspace projects.

  • Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT)
    • AEDT 2c was released on September 12, 2016 and is available for download on the AEDT Support website.

      AEDT 2c is the latest version of AEDT and is a free upgrade for existing AEDT 2b licensed users. All FAA actions requiring noise, fuel burn or emissions modeling and for which the environmental analysis process has begun on or after September 12, 2016 are required to use AEDT 2c. Additional information on the use of AEDT versions and their modifications is outlined in a versioning memo (PDF) available on the AEDT website.

      AEDT 2c includes a new capability designed to assist in the identification of potential environmental justice (low-income and minority) populations for the purpose of community outreach. Guidance on the use of the environmental justice capability (PDF) is available.

      AEDT 2c release includes new features, updates, and a series of bug fixes and usability improvements, in part identified by the user community. Highlights from this Release include the following:

      • Number above noise level
      • Background emissions concentrations
      • Environmental justice population identification
      • Updated User Guide (PDF) and Technical Manual (PDF)

      A full list of new features, updates, and bug fixes is included in the Release Notes.

      AEDT 2b licensed users can download the 2c installer and the updated documentation from the Downloads page. An AEDT account is required to access the Downloads page. If you need assistance with logging into your AEDT website account, please contact us at

      More information about AEDT.

    • AEDT: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Approval of AEDT Plug-in within TARGETS for Environmental Screening (PDF)
  • Area Equivalent Method (AEM)
    • The screening Tool is based on INM methodology. Used for changes in aircraft type and number of operations
    • Produces % change in contour area
    • 17% or more change in contour area is equivalent to a 3dB increase in noise and may signal impact in noise sensitive area.
  • Noise Integrated Routing System (NIRS) & NIRS Screening Tool

MITRE Noise Screening Guidance Documents

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