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Airport Data

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U.S. & Territories

Extended Operations (ETOPS) Airports

The following Extended Operations (ETOPS) Airports are currently available:

  • Midway ATOLL (Henderson Field), MQ MDY (PMDY)
  • Wake Island AFLD AWK (PWAK)
  • Bucholz AAF (Kwajalein KMR)(ATOL) KWA (PKWA)
  • Eareckson AS, AK (Shemya) SYA (PASY)
  • King Salmon AS AKN, AK (PAKN)
  • Barking Sands PMRF BKH (PHBK)
  • Thule Air Base - BGTL (BGTL)
  • Enetewak Aux AF - PKMA (PKMA)
  • Ascension Aux AF - FHAW (FHAW)

Caribbean/Bermuda Airports

Disclaimer. The information and data contained herein for Caribbean/Bermuda airports have been provided by entities outside of, and not under the control of, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Therefore, the information and data have not been verified by the FAA and are provided "as is," without any representation or warranty that they are accurate, reliable, complete, or up-to-date. Your use of this data and this website constitutes your acknowledgement of this limitation. The reproduction, publication, or dissemination of this information and data, in whole or in part, is not authorized.

Use the four letter ICAO identifier (e.g., MYAM)

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