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Chart Supplement Notice Submission Requirements and Disclaimers

The Aeronautical Information Service's (AIS) Airport Mapping team creates and publishes the FAA Chart Supplements.

Submitted textual or graphic submission for sections identified as Notices, Associated Data, Procedures, Emergency Procedures, shall be considered Chart Supplement Notices.

For information needed on the process to update or add a Notice, please note the following stipulations:

  • Finalized verbiage must be submitted for publishing. AIS does not compose, review or edit the substance of Chart Supplement Notices.
  • The ownership/contact information collected via the submission may be included as a footnote across the bottom of certain Notices.
  • AIS will not be the point of contact for questions by any Chart Supplement user requesting clarification of the information contained in the notice.
  • The source for chart specific/aeronautical navigation based notices must be approved by an FAA official from either an ATC facility, FSS, or another FAA office willing to maintain responsibility.
  • The submitting facility is responsible for maintaining the correctness and currency of the information contained in the notice.
  • AIS claims no ownership or review responsibility after publication.
  • AIS will not monitor or review to ensure any frequencies, phone numbers, addresses, facilities, and/or other data that are included are current or correct.
  • Subsequent changes/revisions to related aeronautical information appearing elsewhere in the Chart Supplement will not automatically revise a special notice. For example, a frequency change occurring elsewhere in the Chart Supplement will not revise the Notice, nor are Notices cross-checked for such revisions.
  • Upon receiving a submission, it will be submitted to management for approval. Requestor will be notified about final resolution.

The finalized notice must be submitted as a print-ready file, preferably as a PDF. This file should be attached and submitted using the Aeronautical Chart Change Form via the Aeronautical Information Portal website.

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