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Center Surface Boundaries

The provided Air Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) ground level boundary data was created to support the FAA's En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system. It is made available every 28 Days solely to aid non-FAA Flight Plan system developers and submitters to match the correct ARTCC with off airport points of departure/arrival such as during medivac flights or seaplane flights, when the point of departure/arrival is close to the defined low level ARTCC boundary published on FAA charts. Ground level controlling ARTCC boundaries may not match low level ARTCC boundaries published on FAA charts.

This ground level ARTCC boundary data should not be used for any other purpose than the matching of off airport points of departure/arrival with the corresponding controlling ARTCC for that point on the ground. The corresponding controlling ARTCC for landing facilities (airports/heliports/etc.) can be found in the NASR 28 day subscriber file APT.txt file which can be found at 28-Day NASR Subscription.

Next Editions will be available 10 days prior to their effective date.

Ground Level ARTCC Boundary Data
Current Edition Next Edition
ERAM Jan 30 2020 (CSV)ERAM Feb 27 2020 (CSV)

The controlling ARTCC for landing facilities is also published in FAA Order 7350.9 available at Publications.

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