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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Aeronautical Data Team Cut-Off Dates

Data changes must be received by the Aeronautical Data Team as soon as possible but not later than the "cut-off" dates listed below to assure publication on the desired effective date.

NOTE: If this submission will drive Instrument Approach Procedure (RNAV, GPS, ILS, SID, STAR, etc.) updates, changes should be coordinated with the FAA regional Flight Procedures Team (FPT) 18-24 months prior to estimated project completion. Database updates must be received 6-9 months prior to planned publication. Contact the FPT to determine latest submission cut-offs:

ALERT: Critical information such as equipment malfunction, abnormal field conditions, hazards to flight, etc., should be reported as soon as possible.

Effective Date Airport Info Cut-Off Airspace Info Cut-Off
10-Aug-23 28-Jun-23 13-Jun-23
05-Oct-23 23-Aug-23 08-Aug-23
30-Nov-23 18-Oct-23 03-Oct-23
25-Jan-24 13-Dec-23 28-Nov-23
21-Mar-24 07-Feb-24 23-Jan-24
16-May-24 03-Apr-24 19-Mar-24
11-Jul-24 29-May-24 14-May-24
05-Sep-24 24-Jul-24 09-Jul-24
31-Oct-24 18-Sep-24 03-Sep-24
26-Dec-24 13-Nov-24 29-Oct-24
20-Feb-25 08-Jan-25 24-Dec-24
17-Apr-25 05-Mar-25 18-Feb-25
12-Jun-25 30-Apr-25 15-Apr-25
07-Aug-25 25-Jun-25 10-Jun-25
02-Oct-25 20-Aug-25 05-Aug-25
27-Nov-25 15-Oct-25 30-Sep-25
22-Jan-26 10-Dec-25 25-Nov-25
19-Mar-26 04-Feb-26 20-Jan-26
14-May-26 01-Apr-26 17-Mar-26
09-Jul-26 27-May-26 12-May-26
03-Sep-26 22-Jul-26 07-Jul-26
29-Oct-26 16-Sep-26 01-Sep-26
24-Dec-26 11-Nov-26 27-Oct-26

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