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Aeronautical Data Team Cut-Off Dates

Data changes must be received by the Aeronautical Data Team as soon as possible but not later than the "cut-off" dates listed below to assure publication on the desired effective date.

ALERT: Critical information such as equipment malfunction, abnormal field conditions, hazards to flight, etc., should be reported as soon as possible.

Effective Date Airport Info Cut-Off Airspace Info Cut-Off
29-Mar-18 14-Feb-18 30-Jan-18
24-May-18 11-Apr-18 27-Mar-18
19-Jul-18 6-Jun-18 22-May-18
13-Sep-18 1-Aug-18 17-Jul-18
8-Nov-18 26-Sep-18 11-Sep-18
3-Jan-19 21-Nov-18 6-Nov-18
28-Feb-19 16-Jan-19 1-Jan-19
25-Apr-19 13-Mar-19 26-Feb-19
20-Jun-19 8-May-19 23-Apr-19
15-Aug-19 3-Jul-19 18-Jun-19
10-Oct-19 28-Aug-19 13-Aug-19
5-Dec-19 23-Oct-19 8-Oct-19
30-Jan-20 18-Dec-19 3-Dec-19
26-Mar-20 12-Feb-20 28-Jan-20
21-May-20 8-Apr-20 24-Mar-20
16-Jul-20 3-Jun-20 19-May-20
10-Sep-20 29-Jul-20 14-Jul-20
5-Nov-20 23-Sep-20 8-Sep-20
31-Dec-20 18-Nov-20 3-Nov-20
25-Feb-21 13-Jan-21 29-Dec-20
22-Apr-21 10-Mar-21 23-Feb-21
17-Jun-21 5-May-21 20-Apr-21
12-Aug-21 30-Jun-21 15-Jun-21
7-Oct-21 25-Aug-21 10-Aug-21
2-Dec-21 20-Oct-21 5-Oct-21

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