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Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP)


Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) replaces the current oceanic air traffic control systems and procedures. It:

  • Fully integrates flight and radar data processing
  • Detects conflicts between aircraft
  • Provides satellite data link communication and surveillance capabilities
  • Removes the need for paper flight strips
  • Automates the manual processes used today

ATOP provides a fully modernized oceanic air traffic control automation system that allows our customers to take further advantage of investments made in cockpit digital communications.

With ATOP, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) significantly reduces the intensive manual processes that today limit the ability of controllers to safely handle airline requests for more efficient tracks or altitudes over long oceanic routes. It allows the FAA to meet international commitments of reducing aircraft separation standards thereby dramatically increasing capacity and efficiency for our customers.


Today, ATOP is being used to control air traffic at all three oceanic sites: the Oakland, Calif., New York, N.Y. and Anchorage, Alaska Air Route Traffic Control centers.

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