Military Airport Program

As an authorizing agency, the FAA manages surplus property transfers for airports, military base conversions, and the promotion of joint-use of existing military air bases. It also administers the Military Airport Program (MAP).

What is the Military Airport Program?

The Military Airport Program (MAP) is a grant set-aside from the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

Through this program, FAA awards grant funds to the civil sponsor of a military airfield for the development of aviation facilities for the public. This program also assists new sponsors in converting former military airfields to public use to add system capacity and reduce congestion at existing airports experiencing significant delays. In addition, the MAP provides financial assistance to the civilian sponsors who are converting, or have already converted, military airfields to civilian or joint military/civilian use.

To aid in this process, MAP grants may be used for projects not generally funded by the AIP, such as building or rehabilitating surface parking lots, fuel farms, hangars, utility systems, access roads, and cargo buildings.

Under the MAP, the FAA may designate up to 15 joint-use or former military airports to participate each fiscal year. Three of the 15 airports may be general aviation (GA) airports and the remaining 12 must be commercial service or reliever airports. Selected airports may be designated for a period of 1 to 5 fiscal years. Previously designated airports may apply for redesignation for an additional term.

The FAA administers the MAP in accordance with FAA Order 5100.38D Change 1, Airport Improvement Program Handbook.

Last updated: Friday, August 11, 2023