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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Part 139 Airport Certification

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In 2004, FAA issued a final rule that revised the Federal airport certification regulation [Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 139 (14 CFR Part 139] and established certification requirements for airports serving scheduled air carrier operations in aircraft designed for more than 9 passenger seats but less than 31 passenger seats. In addition, this final rule amended a section of an air carrier operation regulation (14 CFR Part 121) so it would conform with changes to airport certification requirements. The revised Federal airport certification requirements went into effect on June 9, 2004.

Part 139 Airports


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Current Part 139 Regulation
Subject/Title Date Other Formats
Part 139 with Corrections (No Preamble) (updated 3/22/2013) Includes corrections through 1/16/2013 PDF
Past Part 139 Rulemaking, Final Rule, and Related Documents
Subject/Title Date Other Formats
Part 139 Safety Enhancements, Certification of Airports (78 FR 3311) (PDF) 1/16/2013 HTML
Corrections to Final Rule (69 FR 31522) (PDF) 6/4/2004
Corrections to Part 139 Final Rule (69 FR 24069) (PDF) 5/3/2004
February 2004 Part 139 Final Rule (with Preamble) (PDF) 2/10/2004
Report to Congress: Economic Impact of Changes to Part 139 on Air Service at Airports Serving Small Air Carrier Aircraft (PDF, 2.9 MB) 12/2003
Part 139 Regulatory Evaluation (PDF, 2 MB) 11/21/2001

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Part 139 Certification Contacts
Type of Inquiry Contact Office Telephone
General Anthony Butters Airport Safety and Operations Division (202) 267-9617
Specific Airport --- Regional Airports Office ---
Press Marcia Adams Press Office Contact Information (202) 267-3488
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Marc Tonnacliff Airport Safety and Operations Division (202) 267-8732
Safety Management Systems (SMS) Jim Schroeder Airport Safety and Operations Division (202) 267-4974
Wildlife John Weller Airport Safety and Operations Division (202) 267-3778
Wildlife Amy Anderson Airport Safety and Operations Division (202) 267-7205

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Regional Supplemental Guidance

Additional guidance on this topic is available for the following regions of the country:

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