Airport Construction Notices

Current Status

The Federal NOTAM System (FNS) is currently automating the publication of Airport Construction Notice Diagrams to an Automated Closure/Restriction Notice Diagram. Manual Construction Notice Diagrams are no longer developed for airports that have not completed the automation process.

To see if an airport currently has an Automated Closure/Restriction Notice Diagram (CNDA) available, search for the specific airport on the FNS NOTAM Search site. The diagram will be located at the top of the search results for that airport.

Additionally, you may use the following link to access a list of airports that have at present issued a NOTAM which has generated a CNDA: Airport Closure/Restriction NOTAM Diagrams.



Construction projects, especially when on runways, present hazards to aircraft and air traffic operations. Although NOTAMs are created for construction related activities on the airport, they can sometimes be difficult to interpret or get lost in a long list of unrelated NOTAMs. For larger projects, there can also be numerous construction-related NOTAMs. For these reasons, the ACAC decided to create diagrams that depict closures and restrictions on runways and taxiways. By looking at a Construction Notice Diagram (CND), pilots can quickly see where construction is located on the movement area, identify the impact to their operation, and safely adjust their plans in real-time.

The process of creating construction notice diagrams started in 2014. In the beginning, CNDs were created manually and involved multiple offices. Regional Runway Safety personnel would check NOTAMs daily for predesignated airports which had advised of active construction. After the Runway Safety personnel compiled the daily construction-related NOTAMs, they sent them to the Airport Mapping Team. The Airport Mapping Team used a computer program to convert the written NOTAMs into a diagram. Once a diagram was loaded onto the Aeronautical Information website, it was linked to its specific airport in the Federal NOTAM System (FNS), where it could be found with the rest of the airport NOTAMs. This process was used from about December of 2014 to January of 2024.

While using the manual process, the ACAC was working with the Program Management Office to automate the creation of CNDs. As of January 2024, about half to two-thirds of the Airport Operators are still waiting to be trained on how to use the Closure/Restriction Notice Diagram Automation (CNDA) feature of the FNS. Once trained, Airport Management must decide whether they are going to activate the feature, it is not a requirement. CNDAs are generated when an Airport Operations office, that has been trained and activated, enters a NOTAM containing a closure or restriction which affects a movement area.



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Last updated: Monday, March 25, 2024