Airliner Cabin Environment Research

In 2004, the FAA's Office of Regulation and Certification established a National Center of Excellence (COE) for Airliner Cabin Environment Research, which in 2007 was broadened and renamed to the National Air Transportation COE for Research in the Intermodal Transport Environment (ACERite). The ACERite COE brought together airliner cabin environment expertise from academic, industry, and government organizations.

Over the next decade, the FAA sponsored numerous cabin air environment research projects. Key research included: 1) health and safety effects of the airline cabin environment on passengers and crewmembers, 2) the efficiency and effectiveness of aircraft environmental control systems, and 3) the study of emerging technologies with the potential to eliminate bleed air contaminants and purify aircraft air supplies.

The resources listed originated from Airline Cabin Environment Research (ACER)

Last updated: Monday, November 19, 2018