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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the progress of my students in Blackboard?

We have created a role in Blackboard called "Educator" that allows Parent/Guardians, teachers, and adult supporters to see their student's progress.  Once the 2023 Airport Design Challenge is launched, we will open the enrollment for this role. 

How do I sign up for the Educator role?

When the 2023 Airport Design Challenge is launched, a link will be opened that allows parents/guardians, teachers, and adult supporters to sign up for the Educator role.  The sign up process only takes a few minutes. 

Can anyone sign up for the Educator role in Genius?

Anyone who has a direct connection to a student enrolled in the Airport Design Challenge (parent/guardian, teacher, adult supporter) may sign up for the Educator role. 

What does the Educator role allow me to do in Airport Design Challenge? 

The Educator role allows a parent/guardian, teacher, or adult supporter to monitor their student's progress in Blackboard and confirm assignments have been completed.  You will also be able to see the grade the student received on each assignment.  On request, we can set up a weekly email status report for each of the students in your group/classroom. 

I want to use this course in my classroom.  How do I get my students to sign up?

We have created a role for teachers in Blackboard that allows you to monitor your students’ work as well as provide a grade report on their progress. Click here for detailed instructions on how to sign up for the educator role and for information on how to enroll your class.

Are there any accommodations available for students whose parents will not allow them to participate in the ADC?

We understand that some parents may not support using Minecraft as an educational tool and will not allow their student to play the game even if it is part of a classroom assignment. However, in order to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be successful in this challenge, students may choose to participate in the challenge by building a non-Minecraft model of their airport using any artistic materials such as:

Legos Paper Clay
Plastic Brick Wood

We will also accept a student created poster or paining of the airport but it must include appropriate proportions so that judges will be able to determine if the proper ratio scale was used. The students will still be required to set up an account in Genius and complete all the assignments including a final video of their project.  The judges will score these submissions based on the same rubric used for the other students.

Does everyone in my class who wants to participate in ADC have to sign up for a Genius account?

Yes, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Minecraft is a game, so how can it be used for education?

While Minecraft is a game, educators across the United States have begun to use it to teach a wide variety of subjects. Take a look at the Minecraft Education Edition Lesson Page for some amazing examples of how Minecraft is being used in classrooms across the nation. 

How do I get Minecraft approved in my school district?

Over the past few years we have found that many districts already have Minecraft software installed on school provided laptops because it was included as part of a larger Microsoft software purchase.  Please check with your IT department to see if the software is currently available and work with them to get approval to use it in your classroom.  For assistance with more detailed questions, please contact Minecraft Education Edition Support.

Are there any video tutorials for Minecraft you can recommend?

We have begun creating a library of Minecraft tutorial videos that are designed to address the needs of Airport Design Challenge users.  However, there are also numerous Minecraft videos and tutorials on the internet that may be able to assist you with specific issues you are encountering.  

Last updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2022