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Office of Spaceports

U.S. spaceports have a critical role in the growing global commercial space transportation industry. The Office of Spaceports was established by the 2018 FAA Authorization Act to be a centralized policy office within the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation. The FAA Office of Spaceports is responsible for development of policies that promote infrastructure improvements and strengthen the competitiveness of US spaceports, supporting launch and reentry site licensing activities, providing technical assistance and guidance to existing and proposed new spaceports, and the domestic and global promotion of US spaceports.

Our Mission

To enable the safest, most efficient network of launch and reentry spaceports in the world.

Our Vision

To advance a robust, innovative national system of spaceports supporting the U.S. as a global leader in the commercial space transportation industry.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. Strengthen the competiveness of U.S. commercial space transportation infrastructure and launch services encouraging innovation and strategic partnerships for spaceport future planning and development
  2. Modernize the regulation of U.S. launch and reentry sites to promote increased public safety for the growing commercial space transportation industry.
  3. Collaborate with countries developing launch or reentry sites to promulgate U.S. commercial space transportation regulations and best practices for safety during launch and reentry activities to support the U.S. as a global leader in the commercial space transportation industry.

U.S. Spaceports
Commercial/Government/Private Active

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Additional Spaceport Detail by State


Pam Underwood
Director, Office of Spaceports

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