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Management Information Systems

This information helps aviation employers report annual FAA drug and alcohol testing statistics.


The FAA's Drug and Alcohol testing regulation, 14 CFR part 120, includes a requirement for employer's to submit an annual report of testing statistics. The specific requirement is described in 14 CFR part 120, § 120.119(a) and 120.219(b). The Department of Transportation (DOT) Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs, 49 CFR part 40, Appendix H, includes the Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form required by all DOT-regulated employers.

Electronic Reporting

The best way to send a report is through DOT's Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS). Using DAMIS ensures a timely and accurate submission.

If you have any questions about your electronic submission, or need further assistance with DAMIS, please contact the Volpe Center at (888) 596 9352 or

Paper Reporting

If you must submit a paper MIS report, please use a mail service that provides a delivery receipt, such as United States Postal Service's certified mail. We do not accept reports by fax or email. To submit a written report, you must use the MIS Data Collection Form and Instruction Sheet.

Send your MIS report to the following address:

Federal Aviation Administration
Drug Abatement Division, AAM-810
800 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 806
Washington, DC 20591

If you believe that your company must submit a MIS report, but you did not receive a letter, please contact FAA's Drug Abatement Division at (202) 267-8442 or

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