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Air Transportation Division

Technical Programs Branch

The Technical Programs Branch, manages national programs that record authority required for all commercial air operators and air agencies: safety authority from the FAA under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), and economic authority from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) granted under Title 49 United States Code (USC). Programs include:

Web-Based Operations Safety System (WebOPSS)

Manage WebOPSS. Flight Standards focal point for all Operations Specification (OpSpec), Management Specification (MSpec), Training Specification (TSpec) and Letter of Authorization (LOA) template development and implementation in WebOPSS. Provide WebOPSS information and analysis to support FAA policy and decisions.

Insurance and Economic Authority

Maintains Part 298 exemption authority for all on-demand operations. Maintains insurance for Part 402 foreign air carriers and Part 401 U.S.-certificated air carriers. Advises DOT on compliance disposition of air taxi operators, commuters, and air carriers.

Federal Aviation Administration
Technical Programs Branch,
Room # 831
800 Independence Avenue, S.W.,
Washington, DC 20591

Phone: (202) 267-8166
Fax: (202) 267-5229

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