Air Carrier Training Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ACT ARC)

The ACT ARC provides a forum for the United States aviation community to discuss, prioritize, and provide recommendations to the FAA concerning operations conducted under parts 121, 135, and 142. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is committed to maintaining the safest air transportation system in the world. One key area to ensure a safe system is maintaining the quality of air carrier training.

The FAA must continue to review existing air carrier training and qualification regulations, policies, and guidance to ensure it is current and relevant. In addition, the FAA continues to identify new challenges with changing technology and new research that may necessitate the development of new regulations, policies, and guidance. The ARC is a key resource in the FAA’s ability to identify and address these challenges.

Brief History of the ACT ARC

  • Sponsored by AVS, the ACT ARC was chartered on January 21, 2014.
  • The ACT ARC member organizations include pilot, flight attendant, and dispatcher training stakeholders across part 121 air carriers, part 135 air carriers and operators, part 142 training centers, and safety advocacy organizations.

Industry Co-chair: Rob Thomas, Managing Director Flight Standards, United Airlines
FAA Co-Chair: Ellen Tom, Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations, Air Transportation Division, Training and Simulation Group, AFS-280

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Last updated: Tuesday, October 10, 2023